Secure Freight Transfer

Within the commercial sector is a requirement for secure freight transfer. CTi  Risk Management provides this service to many direct and third party organisations on a daily basis resulting with proven time frames to ensure such businesses meet their customer expectations.

Secure Freight Transfer

Secure Freight may consist of transportation of Cash, Valuables, Pharmaceuticals or Highly Sensitive Documents. Our service compliments the following.

  • Bank to Bank Transfers
    Commonly used as a same day inter transfer between branches to top up currency levels.
  • Foreign Currency deliveries
    Collections from Air Freight and delivered in the commercial or private sector.
  • Pharmaceutical Transfers
    Delivered from outlet to outlet in  tamper proof protected satchels.
  • Jewellery and Precious Metal
    Collections from airfreight and delivered and/or inter transfers between retail outlets.
  • Transportation of Highly Sensitive Documents
    Usually engaged by Law Firms and Construction Companies.

Our fleet covers all areas of Perth and the South West and provides cost effective solutions that guarantee your service in a timely manner applicable to your requirement. 

Due to the sensitive and complex nature of this service, you will deal directly with senior management to ensure absolute confidentiality is validated.