Parking Meter Services

The provision of servicing Councils and Parking Management Services in the Perth Area for many years have strengthened the position of CTi Risk Management's success in the collection of coin boxes from Automatic Pay Machines and Parking Meters.

Parking Meter Services

CTi Risk Management have a dedicated team within its organisation to deliver these services that do not conflict with day to day operations, specific supervisors overseen by senior management ensure the required services are scheduled and serviced accordingly.

Our dedicated vehicles are late model customised vans and equipped to suit the required schedule and safe secure transportation of your coin boxes which can be delivered to a counting room or processed and reconciled at our secure depots with fast and efficient validation.

Our Security Officers are regularly cross-trained to minimise repetition of duty, ensuring our Officers maintain a high degree of standard when servicing your needs.

CTi Risk Management use the highest quality of Electronic Counting and Processing equipment to ensure your reconciliation is accurate. utilising CCTV and PC Statistics, your asset is protected with a tailored audit trail in a secure counting facility, with your banking available within 24 hours, via deposit to your nominated Banking institution or via Electronic Funds Transfer.