Secure Banking

CTi Risk Management provides specialised cash in transit services, reducing the risk to your staff of transporting cash. You can rest easy in knowing that our Officers are highly experienced in the use and carriage of firearms, and dealing with threat situations.

Parking Meter Services

Our Cash in Transit secure banking division allows senior staff to focus on the key elements of their job, rather than be involved in the stressful task of moving cash - a task for which they often have no special training, equipment with awareness and protection.

Our secure banking service offers your business a cash management solution, safety afforded to your employees of leaving there workplace and placing them at potential risk and the convenience of providing a change service on the same day.

Our stringent reporting and record keeping will assist your reconciliation process to minimise discrepancies and internal theft, we act as your partner in business not just a provider of service.

The nature of our cash transportation business necessitates well established procedures for handling incidents. In all instances our Armed and Unarmed Security Officers exercise absolute discretion whilst reducing your risk and liability.

Our fleet covers all areas of Perth and the South West and provides cost effective solutions that provide flexible service agreements to ensure your requirements are executed quickly and effortlessly, whether you require a service once a week or every day, CTi Risk Management look forward to servicing your needs.