Protect your assets

CTI offer specialised collection & banking services across Western Australia.

Secure Banking

Secure Banking

CTi Risk Management provides specialised cash in transit services, reducing the risk to your staff of transporting cash. You can rest easy in knowing that our Officers are highly experienced in the use and carriage of firearms, and dealing with threat situations.

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Parking Meter Services

Parking Meter Services

The provision of servicing Councils and Parking Management Services in the Perth Area for many years have strengthened the position of CTi Risk Management's success in the collection of coin boxes from Automatic Pay Machines and Parking Meters.

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ATM Currency

ATM Currency Management

CTi Risk Management will Manage your Risk associated with the replenishment of an ATM at your premise, taking away possible threats associated with large amounts or volumes of money when transporting and/or refilling your ATM. 

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Secure Transportation

Secure Freight Transfer

Within the commercial sector is a requirement for secure freight transfer, CTi  Risk Management provides this service to many direct and third party organisations on a daily basis resulting with proven time frames to ensure such businesses meet their customer expectations.

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